Baba Ijebu Wining Number – 10 things you must know in 2018

10 things you must know in 2018 – Baba ijebu winning numbers

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Post updated on (12/31/2017)

Are you looking for Baba ijebu winning numbers online and all you see is trash post? or outdated numbers that claim to be sure games, don’t worry
we are here to unleash to the truth about the Baba ijebu winning numbers in 2018, the popular baba ijebu game is loved by almost every Nigerian like sports bets,
but only a few understand the game, see how to play baba ijebu game for more information on that.

In this post, I will share the 10 things you must know about baba ijebu lotto game, whether you are in Nigeria, ghanna, lagos, Bayelsa, port Harcourt, Warri, Ogun, or even ijebu town.

This lotto Game called baba ijebu has fastratd many, we just want to unleash the truth, our findings...

Some questions asked by nigerians are below.

1. Is baba ijebu game paying?
2. how to get baba ijebu winning numbers
3. is baba ijebu better than bet9ja?
4. baba ijebu pay my dough.

This are few amongst many questions asked by nigerias on facebook, google, instagram and other social media platforms.
today we will unleash the 10 truths, i called facts about baba ijebu winning numbers.

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I use to be a fan of the popular baba ijebu game until i discovered this, many internet users find baba ijebu numbers on the internet but fialed to understand what they’ll see is past post from people
or old numbers posted on the internet.

Fact, on a scale of 100% you chances of getting sure baba ijebu number is approtimatly 0 -10%,
if you keep finding such numbers you’ll end up failling into the hands of scammers,
don’t worry i’ll share my reasons in this post about baba ijebu winning numbers.


As earlier mentioned, imagine some one posted a number on the internet, you might not even be online to see the nummbers, that’s if the number is even correct.
you’ll surely come late to see the post, thats why we said every member of surenaija should never fail to subscribe to our updates, if not you might be a late commer to our post.


Todays internet world is full of scammers, people that want to run away with your money, sometimes you meet this people on social media, you don’t even know them face to face.
so you have to be wise and don’t allow them to scam you, if you fail to use your brain i asure you many people are ready to work on your brain because of your qeust for looking for numbers on the internet.


I’ll update this section once i see a minimum of 1,000 shares on facebook and other social media below this post.


Some of us claim to see some baba ijebu winning numbers in our dream, i don’t know much about dream numbers but when playing such dream numbers you still need to use your brain not to fall into loss.
Baba ijebu dream number might be sure, i’m a christain so i believe that’s possible only if god wants to bless you using baba ijebu lottery game.


Don’t waste your type when you see post like sure babab ijebu balls, if you click such post, the risk of loosing your money is at your own risk, imagine some one asuring you that ronaldo will score 5 goals against barcelonia
how possible is such a thing? so i’ll advice you to keep off from such post.


What i describe as impossible is when some one predicts baba ijebu and say’s he is very sure the balls will come, how did he know? ask him that question.. if you do’t hear any nice explanation then you’ll understand what i mean.


If you played a baba ijebu game at the shop where the game is played surely, you’ll get your money sharp sharp, for that i can assure you it’s not a scam, but i don’t patronize baba ijebu game because it’s lottery.

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Loading, keep visit this page to see updates.

I think for now, i’ll end here, later this trend will be updated and i will share more tips and discovery about the baba ijebu winning numbers.

NOTE: This post is not in anyway to promote baba ijebu numbers but is amid at exposing some frastars on the intertnet that  scam many internet users,
if you still proceed to pay anyone on the internet then it’s at your your cost.

Also do not call any number on this website cailing to have sure baba ijebu winning number, please be wise and stay away from scammers. it very important that you understand this things.

I remain your loyal surenaija admin, thanks for visitng my blog.


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