Are you thinking whats on my mind? why would Oap, Freeze Condem Majek Fashek’s Performance, do you think they are hating on majek’s success or simply trying to gain social appearance?

Social critic, Freeze has reacted to Majek Fashek‘s performance at Common Wealth of Zion Christmas Carol Service recently over the weekend as he deems it as an error.

The popular commentator and anti-Tithe preacher has been in the news against  Pastors for allegedly extorting their members in guise of Offerings and Tithes.

On his Instagram page he wrote “I am still searching for the sense in this. I am a huge Majek fan, but do I want to see him perform in a church?

“How did we get here?

“Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought christian altars are supposed to be sacrosanct…

“Can a secular musician like Majek perform in a mosque? Have you ever seen an artiste like Majek perform in a Buddhist or Hindu temple? Can Majek perform inside the Okija shrine? or the soppona or ayelala shrine?

If other religions value their altars and keep them sacred, is it out of place to suggest we do the same?

“We need to start asking ourselves these questions and we need to start asking them now!” Dailypost reports.

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We would recall that the same Pastor Fatoyinbo was in the mix for the some rumours about having an affair with a member of his Abuja branch 5years ago. A rumour which he quenched with his wife.

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