The truth about damm krane arrest – 3 things you must know

damm krane arrest

As new details about his arrest emerge.

the newly signed DMW singer was arrested few months back, man gist surrounded the internet about the singer, we found 3 three things you must know.

The two were read their Miranda rights after the police established there was probable cause to arrest them. The police asked if they wished to speak with an attorney. They allegedly declined by waiving their rights to counsel.

By the way, the police say in the complaint that Kesselman’s employee Stephanie Rodriguez claims that she received a call from Dammy Krane who wanted to know when his jet flight would arrive, and also whether there were issues with the credit card on file for him. The police claim that even though she knew that there was an issue, she did not want to alarm him. So she told him there was no issue. Nevertheless, he mentioned there were other card numbers he could give her to ensure there was no issue.

damm krane arrest

As it stands, both co-defendants are still in custody and have been denied bail.

  1. Dammy Krane who was set for a Nebbia Hearing today appeared in court and was denied a release on bail. He is set to be arraigned on June 23rd, 2017.
  2.  The District Attorney is also allegedly considering adding more charges against Dammy Krane.
  3. Krane’s co-defendant, Ebuka, has a prior history of grand theft, and fraud crimes.

Read the complaint/arrest affidavit below, and all the stories so far on this spellbound case that Africa and its entertainment industry are following closely…

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