CHEAP! Upload Your Song Online For As Low As 2000 Naira Only

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Upload Your Song Online For As Low As 2,000 Naira Only

Upload Your Song For Cheap Price: Hello, my names are Imomotimi Elijah Victor, thanks for reading this article…Hello, my names are Imomotimi Elijah Victor, thanks for reading this article…Upload Your Song

Everyone out there deserves the opportunity to shine, as an entertainment blogger for some years now, I’ve been able to identify few steps for upcoming acts {Musicians, Dancers, DJ’s Actors} to become famous through online promotion, social media is the next generation of promotion, many upcoming shaves failed to realize that the era of mixtape and radio is fast running out of demand since to invention of smartphones, that’s why in this trend I will show you the cheapest online promo you can Upload Your Song for as low as 2,000 naira only.

There is what we call GEO Targeting in the promotion, so you don’t need to border yourself about your music, videos or events to be heard outside your current location, with my skilled intervension+ experience, you are heading for nothing but the best.

Throughout the years as an entertainment blogger, I’ve come to understand that social media is one of the fastest means to promote your sound, of course, according to Alexa ranking views google, facebook, youtube, twitter, and Instagram are the most visited websites in the world, just imagine the billions of people online everyday.  they are various means of little promotion that may help promote your song, that’s only if you are ready, am always here to help.

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For example, promoting music through social media gives you the advantage broadcast your song to millions of people, pay as you use platform, you don’t need a million naira to start, at least 2000 naira can be starting point for you to Upload Your Song, but over time you’ll increase your budget, am always ready to guide you.

Online Media Platforms are the current promotion strategy that most of our famous stars use to get more fame.

imagine as an upcoming artist you have about 10,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can again 10,000 real followers on each of the platforms without promoting your self, and this will cost you a little penny.

surenaija media works as a sound delivery company that helps you distribute your sound on an agreed price without signing any contract, we are just a bridge for you to be able to be heard outside, when a song is uploaded on surenaija is our work to promote it so you just worry less, at least up 1000 downloads of our economic plan but you can get more depending on the kind of promotion you intend running.

At Surenaija we see that your sound is very well distributed across your GEO Targeting location.

What is GEO Targeting?

GEO Targeting is the location, place and time you intend a Content to reach its maximum audience.

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No Record label would want to sign an artist that cannot work on him or her self, trust me on this one..  a record label can only sign a sales delivery artist( an artist that will yield profit, music is more like passion into the business).

Don’t let your talent be wasted because of lack of making the proper decisions, some upcoming artist will usually say I don’t have money but yet you wish to ride nice cars like wizkid and davido,

CHEAP ECONOMIC PACKAGE: this is for those that want to go more than just a normal upcoming act, for people that are serious-minded, with just N2,000 only you can count your self-lucky among those that will be seeing their music displayed to about 50 thousand Nigerians.

We are offering only this cheap package, for now hurry while it lasts; 2,000naira is not up to the money you spend on girls weekly, this is a trail for your destiny, you invest in want will give you profit not pleasure.

Extra package: we will send you updates on how your music is performing on our website weekly but only to the first 20 people to buy this ECONOMIC PACKAGE.

Everybody should be given the opportunity to be heard, we’ve done our part by bringing a package as cheap as this, it’s now your turn to work on your talent.

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You don’t give up while chasing your dreams, everybody deserves the right to be rich, even the Bible makes us understand that the children of GOD were rich and not poor.

You can contact me for more inquires @ 09030296855

How Do I Get my song uploaded?

1. Get Your Money Ready.

2. Transfer/Deposit The Money.


Account Name: Victor imomotimi

Account Number: 3095918920

After That, Send us a mail containing your song description, mp3 file and Album cover, time of payment, mode of payment to email:

E.G Mail to icekidofsurenaija@gmail or,  This Song is ___________________________________________ it was mxed and produced by ___________________________________________ download, and share. mp3 song. Mode of payment: Transfer or Deposit.

We Will Respond to you immediately, you can also call our lines at 09030296855 Imagine you intend driving more sales to your music, we also offer such services.

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